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The best apps for business!

It seems like every day someone is telling me about an awesome new app to download. With all of these new apps coming out each day, it is hard to tell which ones are really helpful and which ones are just a waste of time. Here is our list of our favorite apps at Accent Group!

Here on Biz: This app allows you to view which of your LinkedIn contacts are near you. When you request a connection, you can chat with your contact and set up an in-person meeting.

HootSuite: This app allows for all of your posts from social networks all at once. The days where you have to sign into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. all separately are long gone with HootSuite! It also provides help for you to manage your social media usage all together.

Dropbox: Dropbox gives you 2G storage for free with this app. So now you can store all of your files, images, videos, documents, all in one place for access anywhere anytime. You can also edit and sync all of your changes from anywhere.

Brewster: Have so many contacts and networking opportunities you don’t know what to do with? Use Brewster to take your contacts from all of your applications and create in-depth profiles for each contact. You can receive gentle reminders to contact someone and set up favorites with this fully searchable app. It also allows you to be able to note information about each individual so nobody gets lost!

We also suggest that Trello, UberConference and Evernote might be worth looking into as well.


Setting Goals

A daily activity here at Accent Group is to set goals. Everyday we gather around and share our goals with everyone. This sets up our employees for success daily! By setting and sharing goals, it allows for everyone to learn from each other and contribute to each others success. Throughout the day, reminding each other of goals gives us a chance to realize the negatives and positives of the day and change anything that isn’t allowing us to pursue the goals. Check out this article from Entrepreneur.com about how to define goals.


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Hard Work Pays Off

Our annual Catch a Rising Star conference is coming up next weekend. This event hosts all of our top location managers across the country to come together in Las Vegas! Who doesn’t want a trip to Vegas right? Well, all of their hard work and determination is finally paying off. Their dedication and career mindset to the success of the business has brought attention to top executives as they are chosen to go. The event includes dinners out, shows on the strip, and sightseeing as well as lots of one on one time and networking opportunities to maximize capabilities as location managers.

Camp Casey Volunteer Work

This past week a few of us were lucky enough to team up with the Detroit Pistons to raise money for Camp Casey. Camp Casey is a local, non profit organization that provides a horseback riding program for children with cancer. On Tuesday, along with other volunteers, we went to the Pistons game and sold 50/50 raffle tickets. Just about $5,000.00 was raised!!! The highest sellers were Lindsay and Lorraina from Accent Group, who sold over $500.00 in raffle tickets alone! WooHoo! We received an official basketball signed by Kim English and four tickets to an upcoming game against the New York Knicks! Alicia, Jill, and Suzy also volunteered from Accent Group to help out with this special event.



Secrets to Success!

Everyone wants to know Bill Gates’ secret to success right? Well, duh! INC.COM recently revealed three traits that Bill Gates maintained in his rise to the top.

  • Strategic Acting
  • Powerful Partnerships
  • Ferocious Tenacity

Bill gates is not just simply a visionary,  but also an “executor.” He took his ideas and turned them into reality! More than 30 years after the launch of his multi-billion dollar company, he is still ruling the computer industry.

Check out the full article from inc.com


Accent Group supports Camp Casey!!

Accent Group will be pulling out their best boots and cowboy hats in support of Camp Casey, a nonprofit horseback riding program for children with cancer headquartered in Michigan!

The Detroit Pistons have selected Camp Casey as the charity recipient for their 50/50 Raffle!

We have volunteered to sell raffle tickets to the crowd while telling them about Camp Casey at the Pistions vs. Memphis Grizzlies game on Tuesday, February 19!

To learn more about this local chirity and how you can help out visit their website at: camp-casey.org


The Self-Aware Leader

Everyone loves a good book recommendation right? Well I know we do here at Accent Group. My current assigned textbook in Team Leadership at Oakland University is The Self-Aware Leader: A Proven Model for Reinventing Yourself  by Daniel Gallagher. After reading just one chapter in the book I knew it was just something I had to share. Gallagher is a Fortune 100 Executive and he shares his distinctive approach on how to become the best leader one can be by increasing self-awareness from a business aspect. He offers a modern outlook on how management is always quickly changing. Two key points of the book is a new psychological structure on leadership that’s applicable to today’s business and concrete strategy to apply the new concepts and ideas into action.

Our Puerto Rico Trip!!

Puerto Rico was such a great time!! To start off, Congratulations to our manager Lindsay for being promoted to Regional Consulting Manager!! With her promotion, she received a beautiful brand new Cartier Watch. Lindsay started four and  half years ago into an entry level position with our management development program in San Diego, CA . She now manages fourteen different offices throughout the country as well as four campaigns from coast to coast. The promotion is to recognize that she has helped our portfolio of clients to expand into new markets as well as others grow into a managerial role.  Her goals are to continue to help others grow into new markets and continue to be a great example for others. This promotion was special enough, though Lindsay was also awarded one of six other awards during the R&R conference. She was recognized with the Consistency Award for having a very consistent year against all other markets.

The question now is – what is next for Accent Group and Location Manager?!?

We know Accent Group will have another phenomenal year in terms of growth, acquiring new clients as well as other opportunities to enjoy a lil fun in the sun from time to time!

It was great to have some relaxation time along with being able to network with everyone from our other offices. Check out our FaceBook page to look at more photos! Image

Puerto Rico!!


Just over a week until we’re off to Puerto Rico! We can’t wait to enjoy some R&R time on the beach!! Most importantly, we can’t wait to see all of our coworkers from the eleven offices we have spread throughout the country. It’s always nice to see everyone and finally meet all of the new people face to face that we are communicating with everyday. It’s great to share new ideas with everyone and see how they all do things differently in other parts of the United States. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?


The Midas Touch

So we’re sitting over here brainstorming our best ideas on how we could make our business better. We want to always be growing and improving! One of our team members Wes suggested this great book! “The Midas Touch” creates insight for entrepreneurs  on how to make your business succeed! Written by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, two of the worlds most successful businessmen.  They use their real life stories of their successes, failures, perseverance and purpose about how they made it! Check it out! Do you have what it takes to be a great entrepreneur?