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Spring is Right Around The Corner! Pick up your IBIZ World Class Wax Now!!

Hey Everyone!!!! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and IBIZ World Class Wax is back in stock!!! You can use the wax to shine and protect your car to keep it fresh all Spring and Summer… No water necessary!!!! Ibiz is is non-abrasive, easy-on, easy-off substance,not just for your car but all types of surfaces including doors & walls, counter-tops, granite, Formica, stainless-steel, mirrors, & Jewelry as well! Don’t forget to stop by your local retailer and pick it up soon!


Accent Group Hosts Regional Meeting!

Next week Accent Group will be hosting our quarterly regional meeting. 10 other offices will be joining us in Farmington Hills to network, train, and learn everything there is to know about the business.The purpose of this meeting is to invite surrounding markets into one place to share best practices, tips n tricks for success, facilitate networking, as well build solid business relations. We are really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces along with the new attendees.  Real leaders never stop learning.

Setting Goals

A daily activity here at Accent Group is to set goals. Everyday we gather around and share our goals with everyone. This sets up our employees for success daily! By setting and sharing goals, it allows for everyone to learn from each other and contribute to each others success. Throughout the day, reminding each other of goals gives us a chance to realize the negatives and positives of the day and change anything that isn’t allowing us to pursue the goals. Check out this article from about how to define goals.

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Hard Work Pays Off

Our annual Catch a Rising Star conference is coming up next weekend. This event hosts all of our top location managers across the country to come together in Las Vegas! Who doesn’t want a trip to Vegas right? Well, all of their hard work and determination is finally paying off. Their dedication and career mindset to the success of the business has brought attention to top executives as they are chosen to go. The event includes dinners out, shows on the strip, and sightseeing as well as lots of one on one time and networking opportunities to maximize capabilities as location managers.