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Accent Group supports Camp Casey!!

Accent Group will be pulling out their best boots and cowboy hats in support of Camp Casey, a nonprofit horseback riding program for children with cancer headquartered in Michigan!

The Detroit Pistons have selected Camp Casey as the charity recipient for their 50/50 Raffle!

We have volunteered to sell raffle tickets to the crowd while telling them about Camp Casey at the Pistions vs. Memphis Grizzlies game on Tuesday, February 19!

To learn more about this local chirity and how you can help out visit their website at:



The Self-Aware Leader

Everyone loves a good book recommendation right? Well I know we do here at Accent Group. My current assigned textbook in Team Leadership at Oakland University is The Self-Aware Leader: A Proven Model for Reinventing Yourself  by Daniel Gallagher. After reading just one chapter in the book I knew it was just something I had to share. Gallagher is a Fortune 100 Executive and he shares his distinctive approach on how to become the best leader one can be by increasing self-awareness from a business aspect. He offers a modern outlook on how management is always quickly changing. Two key points of the book is a new psychological structure on leadership that’s applicable to today’s business and concrete strategy to apply the new concepts and ideas into action.

Achieving Goals

Forbes Magazine published an article on How to Be  A Super Achiever. Here at Accent Group, Inc. submitting goals and achieving them is one of the most important aspects of our business. Without goals, there is no room for growth. Setting goals is a process that helps one plan for the future and keeps up motivation to turn dreams into reality.

So how do the most successful people do what they do and get to where they want? Authors and Husband/Wife Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield went out and found exactly what they were looking for. By meeting with people who are the best at what they do, they found that they all possessed similar qualities that were the keys to their success.

Here are the top ten qualities that these leaders has in common:

  • Dedication To A Vision
  • Intelligent Persistence
  • Fostering a Community
  • Listening and Remaining Open
  • Good Storytelling
  • Testing Ideas In the Market
  • Managing Emotions
  • Constantly Evolving
  • Practicing Patience
  • Pursuing Happiness

Check out the Article for more information on how to improve yourself into a Super-Achiever!

Travel & Networking

A huge part of our success here at Accent Group, Inc. is due to the networking we do with other offices throughout the nation. At the end of January, we will be heading to Dallas for our quarterly meeting where top reps from each office will meet together to share information on how to continue success in this industry. This video from Scott Gerber at INC.COM shows how networking helps build relationships for success.

Quick Tips:

  • Do things for others before yourself
  • Access is everything
  • Meet, Connect, & Repeat

Check out INC.COM for the complete guide to becoming a Master Networker