Our Puerto Rico Trip!!

Puerto Rico was such a great time!! To start off, Congratulations to our manager Lindsay for being promoted to Regional Consulting Manager!! With her promotion, she received a beautiful brand new Cartier Watch. Lindsay started four and  half years ago into an entry level position with our management development program in San Diego, CA . She now manages fourteen different offices throughout the country as well as four campaigns from coast to coast. The promotion is to recognize that she has helped our portfolio of clients to expand into new markets as well as others grow into a managerial role.  Her goals are to continue to help others grow into new markets and continue to be a great example for others. This promotion was special enough, though Lindsay was also awarded one of six other awards during the R&R conference. She was recognized with the Consistency Award for having a very consistent year against all other markets.

The question now is – what is next for Accent Group and Location Manager?!?

We know Accent Group will have another phenomenal year in terms of growth, acquiring new clients as well as other opportunities to enjoy a lil fun in the sun from time to time!

It was great to have some relaxation time along with being able to network with everyone from our other offices. Check out our FaceBook page to look at more photos! Image


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About Accent Group

Our goal is to provide a cost effective, personalized approach to promoting brands that range from health & beauty, household, automotive, health & wellness to gourmet foods to consumers in the marketplace. We are dedicated to building brand recognition & positive lasting impressions for all those involved with our promotional events.

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