Absorb the Sphere

Get involved. Stay youthful and dive into the green. Earth friendly nation is crossing our pastures Sunday April 22, 2012.

For all our go green getters out there, Whip-It stain lifter is the invention that’s been waiting for you. This environmentally inviolable product is not only biodegradable and non-toxic but its natural ingredients entice the aroma of fresh fragrances. This extravagant cleaner does not contain any chlorine, bleaches, ammonia or acids. Whip-it is thumbs up for all for pet and earth lovers.

April 22 not only marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement, it’s a chance to explore your options, step out of the box and get committed.  Attempt this all-natural cleaner designed to exceptionally clean numerous amounts of items and become hooked. Support the green team-absorb the sphere.




About Accent Group

Our goal is to provide a cost effective, personalized approach to promoting brands that range from health & beauty, household, automotive, health & wellness to gourmet foods to consumers in the marketplace. We are dedicated to building brand recognition & positive lasting impressions for all those involved with our promotional events.

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